About the coalition

The Family Court Reform Coalition is an association of individuals and groups which has come together to develop and promote a broad consensus view on how the Family Court in the UK needs to change.

Objectives for the Coalition

  • To develop a consensus position on the problems with the current Family Court process and their causes.
  • To offer recommendations for change.
  • To develop links with a wide variety of individuals and organisations concerned with these issues.
  • To work towards implementation of the reforms.


To bring about reforms of the Family Court and the system which supports separating parents which will minimise conflict between parents and maximise child contact with their parents.

Family Court Reform Coalition Goals

In Private Law Children Act proceedings:

  • Better outcomes for children and their parents.
  • Lower costs to parents and taxpayers.


  1. Maximise out-of-court agreements between parents.
  2. Remove the perverse incentives which encourage conflict between parents.
  3. Promote a less-adversarial, simpler and swifter Family Court system; one which is equitable, with a starting presumption of shared parental time.
  4. Maintain safe contact for children with both parents during the process.
  5. Apply the public-law threshold for domestic and child abuse allegations.
  6. Regulate those involved in Family Court decision-making with evidence-based training, practice and assessment.

(*except where a child’s safety would be at risk)

Read our Report: Family Court Reform

Contact: Mike Bell: mike@fcrc.uk

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