This page gives links to the briefings shared with UK parliamentarians with the aim of widening the understanding of the problems many separating families face and the need for reform of the process.

Briefing No 1: Problems with the Family Court.

There are two, connected main types of problem:

  • the harm done to both the children and parents involved
  • the cost, delay, rising case numbers

Here we make the practical and moral case for reform.

Briefing No 2: The Ministry Gap

Many agree that:

  • too many separating couples end up in Family Court
  • more should seek resolution in less adversarial routes, such as mediation or arbitration.

The question arises:  “Why isn’t this happening?” The briefing suggests that the problem remains because there is no minister (or other official body) responsible for separating families until they go to court.

Briefing 3: Impact of delay in Family Court

What happens when a typical family go to court to resolve their family separation?

This briefing shows how delays in the system can:

  • unintentionally break the bond with one parent
  • how the process of the court can result in exaggerated claims which take a long time to resolve

Alternatives are available which would be faster, fairer, less stressful, less damaging and cheaper.