Our Mission


Shared Parenting seeks to improve the lives of children and strengthens society by protecting every child’s right to the love and care of both parents after separation or divorce.

We seek better lives for children through family court reform that establishes shared parenting in family law through a ‘rebuttable presumption’. This means that, unless it is proven that it is NOT in the best interests of the child which remain paramount, the law will assume that the time the child spends with each parent is as equal as is practically possible.

This is NOT a ‘men’s rights’ or a ‘father’s rights’ issue: it is GENDER NEUTRAL and CHILD FOCUSED.  

Our approach is to make changes in the law and society through persuasive but respectful and collaborative dialogue with key stakeholders and decision makers rather than aggressive campaigns or publicity stunts.

We are also limited to being a campaigning and lobbying group rather one which helps and advises those who need support over child arrangements after relationship breakdown. However, we would be happy to recommend the support of the many wonderful charities which have the same vision and aims as we do who are specifically tasked to provide legal and emotional support to those with children going through the pain of separation.

Our Vision

A society in which:

  • Children are happier and more successful because their loving bonds are protected after parental separation or divorce.
  • Children have a natural right to be nurtured and guided by both parents
  • Society treats both parents as equally important to the well-being of their children
  • Shared parenting after separation or divorce is the norm
  • Divorced and separated women can enjoy the same professional and personal opportunities as their male counterparts.

*Times article: ‘Fathers call for equal access to children after divorce’ shows 80% support (June 2019)

*Law Society Gazette: ‘Campaigners call for shared parenting presumption in the law’ shows 80% support (June 2019)

*‘Savanta ComRes Poll’ shows 80% support (June 2019)